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Daring the impossible
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Injection volume capability: from 0,1 ccm to 4.000 ccm.

Daring the impossible

At TGK, a new cycle of success and growth has been launched along with a new name and visual identity – the unsurpassed quality of Tesnila GK is now known as TGK.

Used in leading global industries, our products are the result of fully automated production processes, our own innovative product solutions, cutting edge technology and superb quality. These flawless processes and technology are supported by the vision and courage of TGK employees; for over twenty years, we have been following the principles of top quality, perfection and daring.

Living and breathing the highest quality leads to daring the impossible.


Tesnila GK d.o.o.
Na produ 97
SI-2391 Prevalje

T: +386 2 82 34 220

Kadrovska služba:
+386 2 82 34 229


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